Friday, March 27, 2009

What Would Wall-E Eat? #1

Wall-E, the main character from the recent Pixar movie, is a robot.  He doesn't eat anything as it would seem all he needs can be supplied by his solar panels, replacement part stash, and Eve.  This being said, if he were a foodie, his favorite foods would certainly sit in the realm of appreciating nostalgia mixed with advances in technology and new concepts.  

And so with those parameters in place, the first food we'll explore that Wall-E would eat is S'mores
These S'mores come from Recchiuti in San Francisco.  They combine graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate just like a traditional s'more, but without the labor, singed fingers, or smoke inhalation.  

Why would Wall-E like these?  We can all understand the nostalgic value of s'mores.  Wall-E would have certainly seen and longed for a s'more after seeing them in a classic movie and he would appreciate the efficiency of having them packaged for ease of use.  
In a new regular column, today we explore "What Would Wall-E Eat?"
Something is certainly lost in the lack of singe on the marshmallow and on the general lack of warmth and gooey-ness.  But these taste great and definitely fill the need for a s'more without the project. 

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