Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreams of Food

I had a dream about food the other night.  Not that I read much into this, as I've been thinking a lot about food lately, so I don't find it surprising that I would dream about it too.  

According to the experts, this can mean something pretty significant though.  

One of the problems with dream interpretation is that it's always something deeply meaningful.  For instance, you dream about stuffing your face with food, this represents a lack of spirituality.  
To my thinking, if you fell asleep with a bowl of cheetos on your lap and continue to eat them in your dream, does it really translate into a deep reflection on your spirituality?  I would be more inclined to say the fact that you're eating cheetos in the first place might be a more signifiant sign of your emotional state.  I do love me some flaming hot cheetos though, depression or no.  

Sometimes in reading through a dream dictionary, you just have to think that the writer has some agenda.  For instance, I read one that said if you see pet food in a dream this represents a new skill you've mastered.  Strange, but par for the course...  And then it goes on to say that if you dream of feeding pet food to your pet, this means you are somewhat less than loyal.  Now wait a minute...  Was this written after a bitter break up or something?

What does it mean if you dream of writing a dream dictionary?  That you're a scary cat lady?

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