Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Coffee is an interesting beast.  I think there's more poor quality coffee out there than just about anything else... and many restaurants get away with serving horrible coffee.  Yet, it's something people are drinking all the time and there is a big connoisseur audience around it.  Maybe it's just that you're often drinking it before you're aware of what's happening around you...  And of course, addiction to caffiene can play a role too. 

Some of the coffees I'm really liking now:

This has a great smoky flavor.  Really enjoy the flavor of this one.

This one is interesting.  Pretty pricey, but fun every now and then.  I've tried a good number of their coffees and while they aren't always my favorite in flavor, but there is a unique character in their coffees that, I believe, comes from their philosophy of keeping things fresh. 

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