Friday, April 24, 2009


I don't eat a lot of steak.  I probably have more steak overall in burritos and tacos than I do as a slab of meat.  When I do have steak, it tends to be a pretty gluttonous event.  Such was my last steak. 

I was in Las Vegas and it seemed appropriate to have a steak while I was there.  I stopped in at Delmonico Steakhouse in the Venetian.  I always wonder what to expect when I go to a restaurant that is 'owned' by a famous chef, in this case, Emeril.  In this case, the experience was quite positive.  The host was a little stand-offish for my taste, but you gotta cut them some slack, they're working schedules for hundreds of people a night, right?  Once we got to our table, it was pro service all the way.  It's the little things, like the waiter noticing you're in the middle of a sentence and standing for a few moments a few paces away before approaching.  He was very accommodating of our questions, recommendations, and ready-ness to order.  

I started off with a salad with goat cheese.  It was a little over-dressed, particularly because the greens were very good, but still very enjoyable.  

I tend to go for rib eyes over the fillets and they had a highly recommended bone-in rib eye, so I ordered that, medium rare.  Also ordered a side of Bacon Cheddar Grits (remember what I said about gluttony?).  

The steak was very well done with a good char on the outside and nice and pink inside.  Great flavor and very tender...  
I wrapped it up with a (shared) banana cream pie and espresso.  
Of note and fascination to me was their options for different espresso beans with different flavor characteristics.  I can see, if looking forward to a long night, doing a little tasting of their varieties.
Overall an excellent experience.  While I don't believe the best value (particularly steak) is always in the fine dining venues (of which this is one), this is a restaurant that is not just window dressing, the quality and service are there to go with the environment.  

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