Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza works for any meal.  The one that is most at odds with the sensibilities of many people is eating pizza for breakfast.  Now, you may think I mean the morning after room temperature (or refrigerated if you're lucky) pizza after an all night bender.  No, I'm talking about a pizza made specifically to eat in the morning.

I've seen peanut butter and jelly pizza prepared for kids at the Goofy's Kitchen restaurant at Disneyland...  But I'm not talking about novelty pizzas either...  

A perfect breakfast pizza is a thin crust pizza... with an egg cracked on top of it when it's almost done cooking and then cooked lightly after that.  You end up with this

Part of the pleasure is certainly in the pizza itself.  But another bonus is breaking the yolk and using the pizza to sop it up.

When done properly, this type of pizza is simple and wonderful.  This particular specimen is from a farmers market in Temescal, Oakland, California.  My favorite breakfast pizza is from Olivetto in Oakland, CA.  Every time I think about it, I need to have one.  Any time of the day or night...  The great thing about the Olivetto breakfast pizza is its simplicity.  Great quality ingredients cooked perfectly.  The cheese is just perfect, giving it a wonderful flavor without overpowering the other elements of the pizza.  This is the perfect breakfast with a cappuccino, sitting outside and watching people walk by...

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